All our wedding photography packages include the presentation, 2 weeks after your wedding, of the very best 50-100 images per hour of shooting. They can be viewed both in a dedicated online gallery on the Vivid site and as a CD slideshow for you to keep and use as a reference while choosing your absolute favourites for your mantlepiece, printed storybook or traditional album.


Please call us on 0208 992 3557 or e-mail us to discuss your wedding photography wishes and arrange the best time and place for your free at-home face-to-face consultation when we can get to know each other, I can help you clarify just what sort of photography package you're looking for, and give you a full demonstration of what we can offer.


Great wedding photography tells the full story and I feel that capturing it all in camera is only the first part of my job. As a committed perfectionist, I will generally spend up to 2 hours for every hour of shooting on post-production - selecting, editing and enhancing all the very best shots from the hundreds taken, and finding the perfect design and mix of colour, black and white/sepia and/or spot colour to encapsulate the unique character, story, colours and nuances of your amazing day.

If you’d like me to present your story in the most artistic, evocative, flow-of-events way possible, with anything from 1 to 6 images per page, the individually-designed, hardback or softcover printed wedding storybook is for you. I use the same book publisher as Magnum Photographic Agency, the quality is second-to-none, and you can choose from three sizes and hardback with dustjacket or image wraparound.

Our storybook packages are £200 per hour of photography booked and your book will include a minimum of 25 images per hour, all optimised and beautifully designed into the coffee table style storybook. I will give the draft layout to you for your approval, feedback and any changes you’d like before sending it to print, and duplicate, slightly different or smaller copies for your parents can be ordered at the time of booking or any time after.


Our traditional albums are leather-bound, glassine interleaved and hand-stitched. Hand-finished prints, in either satin or gloss and with or without white borders (according to your preferences) are centred, invisibly-mounted, numbered under the bottom left-hand corner for ease of reprint reference, and arranged with either 1 or 2 prints to a page. The price is the same as that for the storybook, £200 per hour of photography booked, with 25 images per hour included in the album. If you’d prefer to buy your own album, or put it on your wedding list, and then send it to us to be invisibly-mounted with your favourites, this takes £50 off the relevant price.


If you're particularly creative and/or working to a tight budget, you can simply have all your favourite 25 images per hour as optimised hand prints and arrange and mount them in your own album yourselves, or the whole collection (initially-edited but not fully-optimised) as hi-res jpegs on DVD. The price for this is just £175 per hour of shooting.

Should you be planning an intimate midweek wedding, getting married abroad or looking to celebrate the occasion over several days, I'll also be delighted to discuss an individually-tailored quote.