Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the free, pre-booking consultation work?

We'll pick an evening that suits everyone and I'll come to you at your home (or elsewhere if you prefer) and spend at least an hour chatting with you both so that we can get a really good sense of each other. I can then also find out just what you're looking for, what's going to happen when throughout your day, and what your final presentation preferences are (hi-res DVD, prints-only, traditional leather glassine-interleaved album or printed wedding storybook), and talk you through some Vivid storybooks so that you can visualise just how yours might look

I've got a friend/relative who's pretty handy with a camera. Should I just ask them to do it and save myself loads of money?

Great wedding photography doesn't come cheap as it takes years of dedicated practice to feel comfortable with the pressure and considerable technical demands, to learn how to be invisible most of the time but also charm people into smiles and laughter when needed, and to acquire all the skills necessary to produce a magically-evocative and coherent record. So I'd say you can only afford to ask a non-professional to photograph your day for you if you’re sure you’ve got an amazing memory and will still be able to fill in all the gaps left between the snaps for decades to come!

How can you guarantee you’ll be in all the right places at all the right times?

I'll take detailed notes of your planned timeline during our meeting and will then e-mail you my notes so that you can amend or change anything as you like before the wedding day. Then I'll carefully re-read those notes the day before your wedding and bring them with me too, to ensure I'm always just where I should be

How many photos will I get?

I shoot fast and intuitively, capturing an average of 2-3 frames a minute, or roughly 120-180 images an hour. I'll then spend twice as long again choosing, editing and enhancing the very best 50-100 images per hour of shooting. These will then be presented to you, within 2 weeks of your wedding, both in a dedicated online gallery on the Vivid site for all your family and friends to view and order their optimised hand prints, and as a beautifully finished CD slideshow for you to keep. For each hour of shooting, 25 optimised images (as loose prints, invisibly mounted in a traditional album, or evocatively designed and printed in the storybook) are included as part of your package.

What's the best way to organise the formal group pictures I’d like?

I always recommend that you decide beforehand which group pictures you'd like, and at what stage in the day you'd like them to be taken, then write a list of them and e-mail it to me, and ask a good friend who knows all the key people to bring their own copy of the list and help me draw all of them together at the appropriate time on the day. This then means you don’t have to worry about it on the day, knowing it's all in hand, and can concentrate on savouring each moment.

I make a point of photographing all your formals just as swiftly and efficiently as possible, firing off 4-6 shots per group to ensure at least one where everyone is looking happy and relaxed with their eyes fully open. What I don't do is spend ages tweaking your veil or train or people's elbows or position as this usually leads to fixed grins and boredom and delays the party.