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Whether you're looking for a Vivid record of a press conference, launch, party, christening, anniversary, performance, workshop, carnival or festival, we can put together a package to suit your needs.

The resulting best images will be presented as an online proofs slideshow which attendees can then browse through to order hand-printed copies of individual images. You can also commemorate your occasion with a printed hardback photobook (or 50 - discounts are available on bulk orders), and/or buy all the best images, optimised for print and at hi-res on DVD, with their full image-usage rights.

Below is a comprehensive guide to off-the-peg packages we offer, but because every job is unique bespoke packages can easily be arranged. If your budget is tight, and we find we're keen to work together, individual discounts may also be offered.

There are no hidden costs or charges. All prices quoted include shooting, processing, editing, printing, VAT & travel costs within the South East & London, with travel further afield priced at 40p p/mile, & where hotel/B&B overnight stays are required they are charged at cost

Congratulations on your engagement and welcome to Vivid wedding photography. My name is Cathy Teesdale and I am an award-winning photojournalist, and incurable romantic, who takes great pride in using my many years of experience in professional photography and design to create a superbly printed, living, breathing record of the best day of your lives.

When we have our free, face-to-face consultation, I’ll show you an inspiring selection of Vivid wedding storybooks, discuss and note down all your photographic preferences, and suggest the best packages and prices to fit your budget.

Studio 1

1 hr shooting at our studio in London W3, with the best 30+ images from your shoot presented as a online gallery, & either 2 complimentary mounted 8x6in satin prints, or your 20 favourite images presented in a printed hardback book or in a traditional leather, glassine interleaved album

Studio 2

2 hrs shooting at our studio in London W3, with the best 60+ images from your shoot presented as a online gallery, & either 4 complimentary mounted 8x6in satin prints, or your 40 favourite images presented in a printed hardback book or in a traditional leather, glassine interleaved album

Great portrait photography is as much about relaxing the sitter and making them feel confident and photogenic as it is about lighting techniques and background-selection. So it's important not to rush and to give yourself time to relax and enjoy the session. This is why Vivid's portrait photography packages start at 1 hour and, for a unique 'Day in your Life' record, can stretch to 6 hours or longer.

You can choose to be captured in context, in your home/work environment, or in a location of your choice, or you are most welcome to visit our studio in Acton. You can also choose your preferred combination of colour, black and white, sepia and spot colour and, within a week of the shoot, will be presented with an online gallery and lo-res slideshow on CD displaying all the best 50-600 shots (depending on the length of the shoot) from which to choose your absolute favourites.

If you’d like to have a 'Day in your Life' recorded, unobtrusively and in your natural surroundings with your family and/or friends, you might be particularly interested in our option of an uniquely-designed, high-quality printed photobook to preserve and showcase all your favourite images in style.

If you would like to learn more about Cathy, Vivid's main photographer, please visit the about page for more information on her background, experience and approach to photography.

Beginner’s guide to shooting events

Do you have a particular passion in life which you would like to share with the rest of the world? If your answer is yes, then you should know that you are not the only person having such a dream. There are numerous photographers and other artists out there looking to create something unique with the help of their talent and wish to succeed every day.

If your dream is somehow related to shooting events, you have reached the right place. Today we will consider useful tips and tricks that make up a perfect beginner’s guide to shooting events. Moreover, you can always gain new inside secrets from this perspective from passionate escorts from who are no strangers to photography and popular events organized around the world.

Useful tips and tricks for beginners

If you have had the chance of discussing the topic of passions worth sharing with magnificent escorts you have met on EROS, they must have offered you some useful advice to consider from this perspective. For example, when it comes to special photography events, you might have learned from them than any new event can turn into a glamorous gig that is worth considering. This means that when a client calls you up looking for someone to shoot an event and bring value to it through your work, you should take such jobs seriously. You never know what might come up from such opportunities.

Moreover, a beautiful London escort who always finds herself surrounded by promising photographers will also tell you to make the best of every situation you find yourself in as long as it is related to your professional goals. Even a little event or gig can help you dive into special opportunities in the future. This will offer you the chance of showing the world what you can do in terms of photography.

Additionally, just because you go to a shooting event to work should not mean that you do not have to pay attention to the way you look. The best advice an attractive London escort could offer you at this stage is to always dress in such situations like you belong there. Why? Because you do! Your job is important and you should always give the impression that you appreciate the event and the cause you are there to surprise in gorgeous photos and videos.

Further steps to consider for special event photography

Moreover, lovely escorts who frequently attend such events will also tell you that it never does any harm to take pre-event pictures to get you ready for the real gig. For example, you can always use images you have captured in the room prior to the guests’ arrival together with those you take during the event. Your client will be able to use them as well and will appreciate your dedication as a professional photographer ready to capture any special moment that comes your way in any given situation.

Like in the case of any other job, overshooting and undershooting are always likely to occur during special events. However, if you follow the advice of specialists and appealing escorts who live in the spotlight, you should know how to avoid such situations. Moreover, even though great photos are the key element to follow, capturing other particular moments such as the attendees having a good time can also bring something special to you in the end.

Finally, any breathtaking London escort or other professional enjoying her life will tell you to simply have fun doing what you love. No matter where you are, a special event or in a daily circumstance at home or in the office, capture what you consider unique and the results will never be less than you expect them to be.